Take the Trail Less Travelled

Specifically designed to take on rugged terrain, the Segway x2 SE Personal Transporter (PT) is the ideal personal transportation solution for more demanding riders. While still narrow enough to fit through an American with Disabilities Act (ADA) door, the x2 SE shines when a road diverges and there’s an opportunity to glide down the trail less traveled.

With the x2 SE’s large, ATV-style tires, you’ll enjoy a well-cushioned ride whether you’re taking it over rugged trails in the backwoods, down the local bike path, across an open field or along a sandy beach. If you plan on riding the x2 SE on more delicate terrain, like a golf course or well-manicured landscaping, the smoother Turf Tire option is the perfect solution. The x2 SE offers a quiet ride and is an excellent mode of transportation for any adventurer interested in discovering the great outdoors. Leave that cumbersome and noisy ATV home, hop on your agile x2 SE and explore.

Learn more about how the x2 SE can be accessorized to fit your individual style by downloading our Segway Product Catalog and x2 SE Spec Sheet. Check out our dealer locator to find your Segway Authorized Dealer or, if you’ve never experienced the thrill of gliding and want to try the Segway PT before you buy, visit our tour locator to book an excursion at a Segway Authorized Tour. If you don’t find a dealer in your immediate area; request a quote from us below.

Segway x2

Blaze Your Own Trail, No Matter The Terrain

You can blaze your own trail, work hard, play harder, and get a little dirty, all without breaking a sweat. The x2 SE will quickly carry a rider up to 12 miles/19 kilometers across dirt, gravel, high grass, sand and more.


Just because the pavement ends doesn’t mean the fun should. Fortunately for you, we’ve got it covered with the x2 SE Personal Transporter.

Ready for an adventure? Conquer the terrain from a construction site or manufacturing campus to a nature trail or RV park. The stability offered by the x2 SE’s wide platform and deep- tread tires can handle the terrain.

Trek through the dirt. Take on gravel roads. Charge through high grass and sand. Shred trails. The x2 SE’s 8 inches of ground clearance affords you unrivaled access to wide open spaces.

The x2 SE has the power and performance to let you play while you work„ wherever you are.

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Commune with nature, explore the trail less traveled or do some off-road gliding with the x2 SE Camouflage Package.


Explore the trail less traveled, do some off-roading or take a nature glide with the x2 SE Camouflage PT. It’s Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity camouflage pattern allows you to stand out while blending in. It’s as bold and unique as you are.

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Channel the weekend warrior in you, prepare to take on a new challenge and explore the outdoors in a whole new way with the x2 SE Adventure Package.


Are you ready to explore the trail? Do some off-roading? Travel the campground? The x2 SE Adventure Package is just what you’re looking for!

Stand out while blending in with this package’s Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity camouflage treatment. It’s as unique as you are.

Enjoy the outdoors knowing that whatever personal belongings you choose to take along; a camera, binoculars or water bottles and a light lunch, will be protected from the elements with two convenient storage options; the front case and spacious waterproof cargo cases. Keep connected to the outside world, GPS and apps with the convenient handlebar accessory while on your adventure.

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Designed to be used on varied terrains without disturbing the landscape. Gliding over that turf with piece of mind.


The Segway x2 SE Turf is similar to the standard x2 SE, except that has low pressure turf tires which allow the Segway to be used on an array of terrain types without disturbing the landscape.

The turf low pressure tires have been found to be much gentler on the golf or sport oval landscape when compared to conventional turf vehicles.